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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mele F10 Flymouse review

Shenzen Mele Digital Technology Ltd sent me their Mele F10

This flymouse is one of the best on the merket right now along with their Mele F10 PRO but it lacks some of the functions the latter one has.

Lets take a hardware tour of the device and explain what's hot and what's not

The device is very good looking and has a glossy black casing along with an orange finish around the navigation circle

On the front we can see  the power button used to turn on and off your TV Box (it only works with mele tv boxes for now). I tested it with the mele a1000g and it works perfect. We also have the cursor button (by pressing this twice we deactivate the cursor and by pressing it once more we activate it again, the enter button and the back button

Moving on we see the navigation circle with the ok button in a very nice and discreet orange finish around it.

Beneath the navigation circle there a home button, a menu button, volume up & down and 2 more rows of buttons.

The first one is used to change the display's resolution, next to it there is the subtitle button followed by a voice and a mute button.

The last row cannot be used right now but mele told me that they are going to implement some more functions in the near future.

On the top we can also see the IR Blaster and on the bottom we have the mele logo and the charging port

 By turning the device aroung we see a full hardware qwerty keyboard which is very responsive but has a strange feeling when typing

I' ve made a list about the pros and cons

  • Very good looking
  • Sturdy build quality
  • The front facing buttons have excellent response and feel
  • On/Off function (only for mele tv boxes)
  • Nice colours
  • Built in battery
  • Battery life (lasts three weeks for me with continuous ussage)
  • Full qwerty keyboard
  • Very responsive
  •  You can't use the G-sensor for games
  • No voice functions (maybe there will be in the future because there is a button, a microphone and an earpiece hole)
  • Strange feeling when typing on keyboard
  •  Some lag on rare occasions
Overall i am very satisfied with this flymouse and i recommend it to everyone except those who want to play games using a g-sensor (this device doesn't support this).
Also the battery life is excellent as well as the built quality.

You can watch my video review down below

Special thanks to Isaac Long from Mele and Shenzen Mele Digital Technologies Ltd

If you wish to order just visit the official mele store on aliexpress

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