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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unboxing and Review of the Beelink Ubox R89 RK3288

This time i' m taking a look at the Quad Core beast from Beelink, the Ubox R89.

The device came in a very nice and professional packaging

What we get in the Box

Inside the box we can find:
  • The Ubox R89 itself 
  • A MicroUSB OTG Cable
  • An A/C Adapter
  • An HDMI Cable
  • An Ir Remote (My unit didn't include one because it's a test unit)


The shape of the device is very unusual but good looking as well
It has a nice sleek and glossy black finish on the front with the Ubox logo

On the back we have:

  • A D/C Input
  • An A/V Output
  • An HDMI Output
  • An Ethernet Port
  • A USB 2.0 Port
  • A MicroUSB OTG Port

On the left side we have:

  • 2 USB 2.0 Ports
  • A MicroSD Card Slot

The IR Receiver is on the front

On the bottom there are some ventilation holes and rubber pads so that our TV Box doesn't slide all over the place

And we have some ventilation holes on the back as well


When we power up the R89 for the first time we see the Beelink stock launcher. It's very beautiful and practical and it shows weather information, our favorite apps, shortcut for the XBMC, a RAM cleaner and an app drawer.

It also has 2 more pages on the left and on the right that have some apps' shortcuts

In the settings we have 4 tabs

The first one is the Network tab showing us information about the available wirelless networks and ethernet port

Next we have the display tab where we can change language, select the HDMI mode resolution we prefer and change language

Moving on to the third tab, we have the Other tab. In this one we can configure our sound preferences, activate bluetooth, show screenshot button on the bottom bar and connect to pc

The last tab is the about tab where we can see information about our system and navigate to the stock android settings. We can also make an OTA update if it is available

If you find it difficult to use the beelink launcher you have the option to use the stock android launcher as well.

To see how the device faired with the competition in some different benchmarks you can watch my full review in the links below

English Language:


Greek Language


For more information visit the official Beelink Website
You can also visit the dedicated sub-forum on freaktab for more support

Special thanks to Oman and Beelink for providing the review sample, as well as the guys at for their amazing support, hard work and dedication they show in order to create a better experience for all of us.

Stay tuned for more

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