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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

30$ Presale COUPON for the Powerfull UMI ZERO from

Get a 30$ presale discount coupon for the very powerfull UMI ZERO from

1) Just order it, paying only $0.99 totally, you'll get $30 Cash coupon for UMI Zero via email within 48 hrs.
(This coupon cannot be returned)
2) You could enjoy $30 off instantly via that coupon on Nov. 15th, official release day.
3) Each customer could only order one such coupon, and each coupon could be used ordering one UMI Zero.
4) The global price of UMI ZERO is $299.99, but we offer a 50% discount ($149.99) for top 100 customers who ordered this coupon. To learn more, please click here.
5) The coupon is valid from 10.20.2014 to 01.31.2015;
6) We will announce the order numbers of the Top 100 customers who get 50% discount after the activity is over.

Do not hesitate, Once miss Always regret!!

For more info visit:

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