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Monday, August 10, 2015

Soundmate WM201, a great, budget friendly and tiny wifi music streamer from Uyesee

Greetings to everyone,

In this article i'm gonna review the Soundmate WM201 wifi music streamer from Uyesee which you can get from HERE

What's in the box
The packaging is rather small but very nice and on the back we see some of the devices best features as well as the supported Operating Systems which are Android, iOS and Windows and a barcode to download the EZCast application

In the box you get
  • The device itself
  • A male to male 3.5mm audio cable
  • A MicroUSB cable
  • A twin RCA phono cable
  • A user manual
A complete package i must say because you won't be needing anything else to start streaming your favourite music

Looks & Ports
The WM201 is very tiny and light which is a big plus because it won't take up a lot of space next to your TV or Stereo system

It's black with a good looking brushed metal pattern on top and on the front we see a Power LED and a WiFi LED

On the right side we have the MicroSD card slot

And on the back there is
  • A MicroUSB for the power adapter rated at 5V
  • A reset hole
  • A stereo output for the Twin RCA Phono cable
  • A USB 2.0 Port

If we flip the device we see the device's rating which is at 5V/0.5A and the rubber pads for it not to slide on slippery surfaces

Technical Specifications & Size
You can see the technical specifications below
  1. Supports IOS/Android/Windows Phone/MAC/Windows devices sharing music to soundmate via WiFi 
  2. Free App for Android,iOS,Windows,MAC devices, App available on website . 
  3. Support most popular Lossless Audio File : APE,FLAC,WAV. 
  4. Analog audio interface supports stereo 2.0 channel, SPDIF supports PCM 2.0, 2.1, 5.1 channel 
  5. Supports DLNA, AirPlay,Qplay Protocol 
  6. Built-in Compliant 802.11b/g/n standard(Max 150Mbps), WiFi encryption by WPA,WPA2,WPA2 Mixed 
  7. Supports TF card and USB stick 
  8. iPhone,iPad,iPod touch can transmit and play the music without App 
  9. Internet radio includes radio from different countries more than 120+ and keep updating 
  10. Supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android device 
  11. Support Multi-people online,share music one by one 
  12. Multi-Enviroment:home,hotel,outside,car
The device's size is very small and it measures at SIZE (LXWXH): 85 x 85 x 24.7 mm

Its also very lightweight as it weighs at only 250g

The Operation is very easy and fast and all you' ll need is your smartphone, tablet, or your PC to stream music to your HiFi Stereo System, your TV or everything that has an Audio Input. For the review purposes i' m using my Android smartphone to operate the Soundmate WM201 which i' ve connected to my HiFi Stereo System

Just open the EZCast application you' ve previously downloaded from the store and press the search button. It will now start to search for the WM201 and when it finds it select it and you' re good to go

The menu is very simple and we have some available options in order to start streaming music which are
  • Music which lets you stream the files you have on your smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Web from which you can surf the web and even playback and stream music from youtube
  • Cloud Storage which lets you stream music from cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Comment which lets you send a comment directly to the app developers
  • Update which shows you the current version's changelog and lets you update the system
  • Airdisk where you can playback music from an SD Card or a USB flash drive you' ve connected to the Soundmate
  • Radio where you can playback internet radio stations
  • EZ Channel from where you can stream internet content such as youtube, facebook videos and more
  • Airmic which lets you use your smartphone as a microphone and have lots of fun with your friends
  • And Apps which takes you to the EZCast site to download the official applications
On the bottom we have 3 more options
DLNA which finds a DLNA server and playbacks the files you have there
Airsetup from where you can change some settings such as the music output, equalizer, device name, password, language as well as update the system
And 3G/4G option in order to operate the WM201 using your smartphone's 3G or 4G network

The device is very convenient and fun to use and i have literally found a new meaning when it comes to listening to music because i can stream songs to my HiFi system from everywhere

I also use the microphone option to sing karaoke with my friends which is awesome.

I totally recommend it to you guys and i'm sure that you'll have a great time with it

To order it go HERE

Watch my Video Review
Review English
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I hope you liked my review, stay tuned for more and as always for more unboxings, reviews and tutorials subscribe, share and follow me:

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