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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mirror Case for iphone 6, Bluetooth Waterproof Portable Speaker, iphone 6 Selfie Stick and Wooden Dock for Apple iWatch from Onu-Mall

Hello everyone,

In this article i' m gonna present you some very cool and budget friendly products from

Apple iWatch Wooden Charging Dock Station
The first one is the Wooden Charging Dock for the Apple iWatch

Note that you can not charge your iWatch with this dock but you can place it on it while charging

Unfortunately i don't have an iWatch to show it in action but you get the idea

It feels very sturdy and premium and it has a velvet-like material on top where you place your iWatch

On the left side we see a little canal used to contain the charging cable and looking at the bottom we find the same velvet-like naterial found on the top helping the dock not to slip in certain surfaces

If you own an iWatch then this is a must have

You can get it from HERE for 4,66$

Mirror Rhinestone Hard Case for iPhone 6
The second one is the Mirror Rhinestone Hard Case for iPhone 6

As the name reveals this case is from a hard plastic material

On the back we see the mirrory surface and a hollow circle decorated with (fake) diamonds in order for the Apple logo to be visible even with the case on

The volume rocker, vibration and power button cuts are precise and you won't have any problem fitting your iPhone 6 into this case

If you are a woman and you like fancy cases then this is for you

You can buy it from HERE for 1,92$

Cable Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick for iPhone and Samsung
The third one is a selfie stick which you can use along with an iPhone or Samsung Smartphones

I own a Sony Xperia Z3 and when i pressed the button on the selfie stick it used the zoom button of my camera, i suppose that with Samsung or iPhones it will work just fine

I managed to take selfies using the smile shutter mode though

It has a good length of about 50cm and rubber pads on the adjustable smartphone base to protect your phone from scratches and marks

If you are a selfie lover then get this stick from HERE for 4.07$

Portable Waterproof Mini Speaker
And last but not least is the Portable Waterproof  Mini Speaker

This great little speaker is just AMAZING, its performance is just out of this world giving you great and powerful sound

At first i couldn't believe that a speker so small would be able to deliver this kind of performance

The sample i got is blue and on the front we see the speaker grills

On the top we have the Power On/Off button and the Volume Up/Down keys and on the back we have a Micro SD Card Slot, a Reset Hole and the Micro USB Chargeing Port. All these ports are covered by a flap but i would be so sure of how waterproof this speaker is because the flap doesn't close firmly enough to prevent the water from getting inside

The speaker has a tail-like back which allows us to hang the speaker from something or even transform it into a dock

The connection process is super easy and when the speaker is on you can see a beatiful blue led glowing

I definitely recommend this to everyone because it's super powerful, super portable and super cheap for what it offers

Get it from HERE for 9,66$

Watch my Video Review
You can watch my Video Review HERE