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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Review of the ''See Me Here BV270 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker'' from Gearbest

Hi guys,

This time i' m gonna review a great and budget friendly Bluetooth Speaker from Gearbest
It is the ''See Me Here BV270'' and let's get to it

In the Box
The speaker came in a very nice and vibrant green package which i really like a lot

The front of the box is transparent and we are able to see the device

On the bottom right corner we can see that it supports Bluetooth 4.0 which is excellent and on the back we have the device's specs in Chinese

Opening the box we find
  • The Speaker itself
  • A yellow hanging lace
  • A MicroUSB Cable for charging
  • A User's Manual in Chinese 
  • A Control Quality Pass Card
The BV270 feels great in the hand and it has a very solid build quality with a velvet like feeling

I find this speaker beautiful as it's green with yellow accents and on the front we see a large speaker grill and a silver circle with some Chinese logo on it

On the back we see the device's rating which is at 5V 500mA

On the left side we have the Volume Rocker

On the right side we have the Power On/Off button and  the microphone

On the bottom we have the MicroUSB Port, the MicroSD Card Slot and a reset hole

And on the top we have the hanging ring used to strap on the yellow hanging lace came in the box

The speakers performance is great and very loud and i haven't experienced any disconnections or other problems at all

The only thing i found that was bugging is that when i used the volume rocker instead of changing the volume level it went to the next or previous song

On the other hand that is good because you can control the volume levels from your phone and change songs directly from the speaker

Overall this Bluetooth Speaker is great for the price and you want be dissappointed

You can buy it from the Official Gearbest Product Page

  • Great Build Quality
  • Great and loud sound performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Price
  • Beautiful design and colours
  • MicroSD Card Slot
  • Hanging Ring
  • Size

  • None

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