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Monday, September 26, 2016

Xiaomi Rabbit Bluetooth Speaker from Gearbest

Xiaomi is a very respectable company producing high quality products of any kind. From mobile phones and tablets to TVs, speakers and even smart bicycles and smart shoes

This time i' m gonna review a bluetooth speaker much different than all the others. It is the Xiaomi Rabbit Bluetooth Speaker and let's get to it

In the Box
The speaker comes in a white box with the shape of the speaker printed on it

Opening the box we get
  • The speaker itself
  • A User's Manual
The package is on the poor side but keep in mind that we get a great bluetooth speaker at a very low price

The specs are good and here is the specsheet

Looks & Ports
The Xiaomi Rabbit Bluetooth Speaker is nothing like you' ve seen before

Personally it's the best looking bluetooth speaker i' ve ever seen and i can't take it out of my sight

It's shaped like a little cartoon rabbit and on it's head we see a red star indicating that the speaker is powered on as well as it's ears which have 2 colours according with the function the speaker is in

So the blue flashing ears mean that the speaker is operating via bluetooth and it's waiting for a device to connect, the blue continuous light means that a bluetooth device is connected and the red ears mean that the music playback is happening through a MicroSD card

Below the head we see the rabbit's messenger bag where all the buttons are located

So we have
  • The Play/Pause which also acts as the Power On/Off button
  • The Folder Button
  • The Volume Up/Down Buttons
  • The Function Button to change from Bluetooth to MicroSD mode and vice versa

Looking at the left side we see the MicroUSB charging port

On the back we have the speaker grills

On the right side we have nothing

And on the bottom we see the MicroSD card slot placed on it's right foot

The build quality of this speaker is very good and it feels very sturdy in the hand

Sound Quality and  Functions
The sound quality of this Xiaomi speaker is very good. It produces a clean sound with good bass without static or weird noise and you will not experience any static or weird sounds during playback

The volume level it can reach is good enough but it could be a little bit higher

Connecting the speaker with bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet is super easy and stable without disconnections or other problems

To switch on the speaker, we have to hold the Play/Pause Button until we see the red star lighting up and from there we just wait for our device to discover it and connect via bluetooth

To raise or lower the volume we press the volume buttons and by long pressing them we can skip to the previous or next song

We can easily change the mode to MicroSD playback by pressing the m button. When this happens the rabbit's ears will turn red which is pretty cool

This rabbit shaped speaker from Xiaomi is an excellent choice for those who want to have the best looking bluetooth speaker ever. It is also a great idea for a present

The music quality as well as the build quality are very good and the price is unbeatable

You can get it from Gearbest at ONLY 22,39$ by visiting the Official Gearbest Product Page 

  • Good build quality
  • Very good audio quality
  • Looks
  • Button placement
  • Beautiful operation LEDs
  • Price

  • Audio levels could be a bit higher
  • No USB cable in the package

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