Autumn Bumper Harvest from Gearbest

Saturday, November 5, 2016

11.11 SaleStorm is coming from Gearbest just from 0,99 $

Gearbest, one of the most known Chinese resellers, is organizing a big sale on 11.11 with a variety of products including cell phones, wrist bands, computers and tablets, accessories etc.

The first phase of the massive 11.11 Promotion is called the pre-heat phase. 
Beginning from the 07.11.2016 you will find exclusive prices for a small amount of handpicked items. The exclusive november coupons will be available at that point and GearBest created special Promotion codes for your favorite brands like Vernee, Teclast or Umi. These are only available for Warehouses located in China and Hong Kong, but offer up to 13% on e.g. tablets and a maximum of 30% on clothing & apparel.

Click HERE for the Old & New Buyer deals (from 07.11 – 09.11)

The preheat phase also dominantely promotes the participation in the GearBests “Get It Free” program. 
Share a product displayed with your friends and get it free, if they buy it from your link. Also sharing the promotion itself will grant you 10 GearBest Points, which you can use to save a little extra on anything you may buy during the promotion.

Click HERE to get your 11.11 Coupons NOW ! 

11.11 Promotion – The Final Phase

The final and big part of the Promotion lasts from 09.11 – 15.11. 
Daily flash sales and thousands of products on discount! All of them in stock and ready to ship to reach you way before christmas.

Free GearBest Gifts!

With the beginning of this part of the promotion the coin rain to win free gifts open aswell. Grand price will be a free Xiaomi Mi5 and hundreds of other Gadgets will be given out. The rules are very simple:

  1. Share the Page
  2. Grab one of the Coins
  3. Check your price

There is a 100% win chance for everyone. All participants will get a minimum of a couple GearBest Coins or an exclusive coupon for your next order. To share the page you have to have a facebook, twitter, vk, google or reddit account at hand. Be quick, this part of the promotion will get a lot of attention!

Category Deals
On top of all the flash sales and free gifts the category promotions will also start. They offer even more products from your favorites brands and come with tailor made flash sales of GearBest best sellers. Not found the Coupon codes you need yet? You will definitely get them there!

Follow the links for: 

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