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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Review of the Sunvell T95U - PRO from Gearbest

Hello everyone,

This time i'm gonna review a beautiful Android TV Box from Sunvell
I got it from Gearbest, it's the first Android TV Box i' m reviewing from this company and i hope it will prove to be good
So enough talking and let's cut to the chase

In the Box
The TV Box comes in a medium sized package with some of the device's best features written on the top right corner with golden letters

Opening the box we get
  • The Sunvell T95U - Pro itself
  • The AC Adapter rated at 5V 2A
  • The HDMI Cable
  • An IR Remote Controller
  • A User's Manual
Pretty basic package i must say but you will be rewarded by the device's looks which we'll see right now

Looks & Ports
The Sunvell T95U-Pro is perhaps one of the most beautiful Android TV Boxes you' ll ever see

It has an aluminum construction with a metallic red colour and the Sunvell logo printed on the top with white letters

On the front there is the Power On/Off button and a glowing blue clock along with a blue power led and connection indicators

On the left side we have a USB 2.0 Port as well as a MicroSD Slot

On the right side we have nothing

On the back we find the remaining ports which are, an SPDIF Optical Audio Output, an AV Output, the HDMI Output, the Ethernet Port, a second USB 2.0 port and the DC input

If we flip the device upside down we have nothing 

I have to mention that the device's bottom doesn't touch the ground because the TV Box's edges are longer than it's whole body making it look very stylish and unique

It's build quality is very very good and it has a very premium and matte feel on the hand giving you the prception that it is an expensive device, something that isn't true because in reality it's very budget friendly

Software-wise Sunvell has equipped the T95U-Pro with many cool features such as the Smart TV Box launcher which is consisted by tiles for Kodi, Browser, Music, Video, Google Play Store, Settings, a Task Killer and an App Drawer

Also on the bottom of the screen we have a favourites bar where we can add the apps we like and use the most

Opening the settings we can see that the device has the HDR display option which is perfect for watching movies with better dynamic range as well as the HDMI self-adaptation which matches the framerate of a movie with the framerate of your tv giving you a more cinematic feel

Android 6.0.1 is running on the system and to my surprise an amazing app is preinstalled

This app is called Showbox and gives you the ability to watch movies and tv shows super easy with the press of a button

I am really impressed by this app and since i've discovered it i use it a lot and i' m sure that you' ll use it too

Hardware & Specs
The Sunvell T95U-Pro is a powerful device featuring
  • An Octa Core 64 bit Amlogic S912 CPU running at 2.0 Ghz Max
  • A Mali-T820 MP3 GPU
  • 16 GB of Internal Storage
  • 2 GB of DDR3 Ram
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 5G WiFi
Pretty good specs considering it's price point i must say

Wifi Reception
Although the device has an aluminum construction which is known to block wireless signals, the WiFi reception is more than excellent and i haven't experienced the slightest issue so far

I ran some Benchmarks to show you the device's performance

The results where not as impressive as i expected them to be but real-life performance is excellent proving that benchmarks don't always show the truth

Kodi & Video Playback
Before we get into Kodi i ran the usual Antutu Video Tester and the results i got where similar with the previous Android TV Boxes i' ve reviewed before giving me playback problems to only 3 from the 30 video formats this app is testing

Now on to Kodi

It runs excellent with no issues at all and all the videos i tried played great except from a 4k 60 fps .mp4 and a 1080p h.264 .mov file which were somewhat choppy

You will be thrilled to know that the Sunvell T95U-Pro natively supports external USB Gamepads

This means that you can play all your favourite games using for example an Xbox 360 controller and since the device is running Android you can not only play Android games downloaded from the Google Play Store but you can play other platform games using emulators as well

This gives you the advantage of having a very wide variety of titles waiting for you and your friends to spend many hours with this device

I personally like this device and i haven't found any issues with it

That being said, many people complain about some problems they face with Amlogic S912 devices, but from my personal experience i haven't had any kind of these problems with the Sunvell T95U-Pro nor with the Beelink GT1 i reviewed some time ago

I can only recommend this product to you because it left me with positive thoughts and i really liked it's performance and build quality

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Thanks and see you on my next videos

Great build Quality
Very good Performance
Very good media capabilities
Excellent h.265 and 4k video playback
No heat issues
Excellent wifi reception
Android 6.0.1
5G wifi

Only 2 USB 2.0 ports

To order visit the Official Gearbest Product Page

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