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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Review of the Cagarny 6820 Quartz Watch from Gearbest

Hello everyone,

In this review i' m gonna present you a very nice and large watch from Gearbest

It' s the Cagarny 6820 and let's get to it

The watch came in a very basic little nylon bag with only a small User's Manual in Chinese

I wasn't expecting much though given it's price

Looks & Build Quality
The Cagarny 6820 is beautiful and given that the dial diameter is at 5.0 cm it will please those who like large face watches

It resembles a lot the Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 and it's a great alternative if you don't want to spend the 300$ the Diesel costs

At only 10$ you will be amazed of how good this watch feels and looks

It certainly doesn't feel like a cheap watch, on the contrary it feels very sturdy and well made with a brushed metal look on the case

You would have thought that because of it's size the weight would be an issue but this is not the case here

It's not heavy, but it's not light too. It Just feels like it has the perfect weight

I got the "Silver-Brown" colour option, so the case is silver and the strap is brown but the watche's face is blue and that's what i like the most

On the front we see the glass which is flat and 8 tiny screws

Inside we have the date window, the main dial on the right and the secondary dial on the left, all the other sub dials are not working and are used just for decoration

The Cagarny logo and the watch's model are also visible

On the back of the case we see that it's water resistant but i am not sure if it really is and i won't test it

The strap is brown and it's quality is ok for it's price, it has 2 screws, one for each piece, 8 holes and the buckle which looks very good and has the cagarny logo carved on it

The watch has six buttons, 3 on each side but only 2 of them really work

These are the middle ones and they are used to adjustthe date and the time on the two working dials

The Cagarny 6820 is a good watch for what it costs and if you like large face watches you won't be disappointed but don't expect it to be as good and polished as a 300$ watch because it's not


  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Water Resistant (Not Sure Though)
  • Weight
  • Looks
  • Double Quartz Movement for 2 different time zones


  • Subdials don't work
  • The Strap could have been a little better in terms of quality
  • Only 2 buttons work
  • A bit to large for my taste

For only 10$ you can't go wrong

You will find the Cagarny 6820 from Gearbest in a variety of colours

To order just visit the Official Gearbest Product Page

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