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Monday, April 3, 2017

Review of the Xiaomi Smart Home from Gearbest

Hello everyone,

In this review we' re gonna present you with the latest Xiaomi Smart Home Suite which will make your home act like you want and equip it with certain functions it didn't have before

So let's unbox it first to see what we get and we' ll analyse all of the features later

In the Box
The Xiaomi Smart Home Suite comes in a very nice dark red box with some Chinese words written on it vertically and the Mi logo on the top right corner

On the back of the box we see what the box includes and the description of every addon in Chinese

Opening the box we get
  • The Xiaomi Smart Home Gateway
  • The Motion Detector Sensor
  • The Magnetic Door Sensor
  • The Smart Button
  • The Smart Plug
So the package contains all the basic addons you'll need to get you started

You can always add more addons to the Suite and make it more versatile to fit you needs

Note that the addons have the Australian/Chinese plugs, so you either have to buy US or EU plug adapters yourself or ask Gearbest to include them in the package

Basic Addons

Xiaomi Smart Home Gateway
Let's start with the main addon, the Gateway

The Gateway serves as a warning lamp and speaker

It is of circular shape and on the front we see the Mi logo as well as some speaker grills from where the sound comes off

On the top we have the sync button and on the back we see the wall plug as well as some ventilation holes

Looking at the side we see a somewhat more transparent strip serving as the lamp from where the light comes off 

Xiaomi Motion Detector Sensor
The Motion Detector Sensor is cylindrical with the Mi logo on the top and on the front we see the little infrared window which detects movement

Xiaomi Magnetic Door Sensor
The Magnetic Door sensor comes in two pieces, they are shaped like pills and one of them has a magnet inside in order to attach it to a metallic surface while the other one has a 3m sticker

Xiaomi Smart Button
The Xiaomi Smart Button is circular with the Mi logo on top and a 3m sticker allowing you to place it on any surface you want

It operates with a CR2032 battery which according to Xiaomi can last up to 2 years

Xiaomi Smart Plug
The Xiaomi smart plug can receive European, US, Australian and Chinese plugs and on the top we have the power on/off button

Just like the Xiaomi Smart Gateway, you will need a European or US adapter to use it because it's only for China or Australia

Operation & Functionality
To operate the Xiaomi Smart Home Suite you will have to dowload the Mi Home app from the Play Store and connect it with the available addons

From there you can change lamp colour on the Gateway, monitor the Door/Window Sensors and the Motion Detector, control the Smart Plug and much more

The best part is that you can create automations and triggers, meaning that for example you can choose to switch on the lamp when you press the Smart Button once and switch off the Smart Plug when you press it twice or ring the gateway bell when someone opens the door and many more

Note that you have to set the Rrgion to China in order for the app to work correctly

And of course as you continue to upgrade it with the available addons the list goes on and on

The Xiaomi Smmart Home Suite is the perfect way to automate your home enviroment on a budget

The best part is that as i mentioned before you can upgrade it with more addons and create endless triggers and actions to make your life easier

It is cheaper than other Smart Suites on the market and as it is made by Xiaomi you can be sure that it is a high quality product

You can order the Xiaomi Smart Home Suite by visiting the Official Gearbest Product Page (This package includes the Xiaomi Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor too)

Here you can find the additional addons alone

  • Lots of addons
  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Usability
  • Lots of trigger and action combinations
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to set up

  • You have to buy additional EU or US adapters
  • The app is not entirely in English and has a lot of Chinese sections

Watch my Video Review
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