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Friday, September 8, 2017

Review of the HERO True Wireless Earbuds,a bluetooth pair of headsets from Winnergear

Hello everyone,

in this review i'm gonna present you an exceptional pair of bluetooth headsets from Winnergear, suitable for sports, movie watching and more

They are the HERO True Wireless Earbuds and let's get to it

In the Box
They come in a very nice black-orange box with the HERO logo on the top and if we remove the first layer, inside we find a very pleasant surprise which brought me back lots of memories from the past

This surprise is that the inside of the box is shaped like an audio cartridge we used to have in the 80's and 90's and in which we stored our favourite songs

Opening the box we find
  • The Charging Dock
  • The Earbuds themselves
  • A MicroUSB Cable
  • An extra pair of rubber ear holders
  • 2 pairs of extra rubber tips in different sizes
  • A User's Manual
So the basics are included to get you started

Charging Dock
The Charging Dock is black, cylindrical with the Winnergear logo on the front and 2 charging leds for the earbuds

The build quality is excellent feeling very sturdy in the hand as it is made of high quality plastic

On the back we have the Power On/Off button, the Micro USB Charging Port and the Dock's charging led

Opening the cap which is magnetic we find the charging cavities for the earbuds

On the bottom we have another Winnergear logo and the Dock's rating at 5V 1A and 500 mAh meaning that the Dock has an internal battery and can charge your earbuds wherever you are giving a new meaning on portability

HERO Earbuds
The Earbuds themselves are lightweight and well built giving us the impression that they will last for years

They are made of high quality plastic too and they are black with the power button and the charging pins on the back

The ear holders are made of rubber as well as the tips which have a very nice grey red colour

The earbuds are a little bit large for my taste but you can change the tips if you want with a smaller or bigger size to fit you best

Connectivity and Usability
The connectivity is pretty straightforward as you just long-press the power button on the left earbud for it to enter search mode and when it connects you switch on the right earbud too and they instantly synchronize with each other

To switch them off you just long press the power button again an any of them

The usability these things have are endless, you can connect them with everything that support bluetooth and you are set 

The range is very good with Bluetooth 4.2, the sound quality is excellent as they support CSR and AptX and the battery life is claimed to be 12 hours on the go and 3 hours of playtime 

Having said that, real world usage is very close to these numbers

I personally use them for calls, at the gym, connect them to my android tv box and watch movies and i can even connect them with my Xiaomi Amazit Smartwatch and listen to music having an entirely portable music ecosystem everywhere i go

The Winnergear HERO True Wireless Earbuds are an amazing piece of tech which give you the freedom to listen to music everywhere you are without unwanted cables 

They are a must if you are a sports lover or if you want to watch movies at night without wanting to disturb your surroundings

I personally use them daily and i am very satisfied with what they offer as the sound quality, range and battery life are exceptional

The only negative point for me is the price of 149,99$ but as they say what you pay is what you get

  • Build Quality
  • Range
  • Battery Life
  • Usability
  • Portability
  • Wireless Charging Dock
  • Magnetic Lid on the Dock
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • CSR
  • AptX

  • Price
  • Size
For more information visit the Official Winnergear Webpage and find other great gadgets as well

Watch my Video Review
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