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Saturday, March 28, 2015

DISCOUNT COUPON CODES for all ConvicTech Readers and Followers

You can find some DISCOUNT COUPON CODES for all my Readers and Followers below:
  1. Minix Neo X8-H Plus coupon X8HPLG
  2. Pipo X7 coupon PX7LG
  3. Zidoo X9 coupon ZDX9LG
  4. CS918ii coupon GBCSLG
  5. MK808B coupon MK808BLG
  6. MXiii coupon GBM82LG
  7. Ugoos UT3S coupon UT3S 2GB/16GB: 4GB/32GB:
  8. Beelink i826 coupon : BI826GB
  9. Cubot S350 coupon: EBCS350
  10. Blackview Breeze coupon: EBV2
  11. Ainol Mini PC coupon AinolMPGB 
The article will be updated with new DISCOUNT COUPON CODES when they are available

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