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Friday, March 13, 2015

Review of the Zidoo X9 Android TV Box from Gearbest

Hey guys,

This is ConvicTech and this time i' m gonna review a tv box which has a big advantage over it's rivals and this is the HDMI recording function, but this isn't the only thing that makes this device special

It is the Zidoo X9 from and let's get to it

Looks & Build Quality
The diveice has a brushed aluminum exterior featuring a rough shiny cut around the edge which reminds me of some Apple products

On the top we see some logos showing us some of the tv box's highlights such as 4k & 3d playback etc

On the front we have a clock and the Zidoo logo

and on the left side we have

  • a MicroSD card slot
  • 2x USB 2.0 Ports
  • 1x USB 3.0 Port
  • Ventilation Holes

On the back we see
  • The Dual WiFi antenna
  • a Power Switch
  • The Ethernet Port
  • An A/V Port
  • The SPDIF Optical Audio Output
  • A D/C Input
  • And the HDMI Input and Output
The build quality is excellent and it's among the best i' ve seen so far

Zidoo has put a great effort to build their own UI and as far as i can tell they' ve done an excellent job

On the main screen we have a search button located on the top right corner used for app search
and on the bottom right we see our connectivity status. Also we have  preinstalled folders for video, music, games and other apps. 

These folders are all editable and they also give us suggestions to download some featured apps

Shortcuts for the google play store, the app drawer and the browser are present too in order to make our lives easier

The HDMI recording function is visible and i will get into more details later

Opening the settings we have 6 tiles

System where we are transfered into the stock android settings

Weather where we see an amazing weather forecast app

Parental Control where we can set up a password in order for our tv box to stay private

Clean Up where we find a task killer, a cache cleaner, aok files found in our storage space and an app manager

Base setting where we can set up our screensaver, change themes, turn on or off the keysound and allow or not to show featured data

The last tile is the about one and we can see our model name, mac address, ram, rom, software version, android version and the company's website

 The preinstalled apps such as music, file explorer, local media player etc match the UI perfectly and this shows us that Zidoo is a very responsible company

Benchmarks & Performance
The device as we can see from CPU-Z has a Quad Core Mstar CPU running at 1.45 Ghz sporting a Mali 450 GPU

Total RAM memory is 2.0 GB with 1.5 GB available for use and internal storage for applicationis 1.97 GB

About 4 GB more are left for storing photos, videos etc

The kernel is 1080P and it runs android 4.4.2. Te device was not rooted and i had to root it my self

I ran Antutu and got a score of 18068 points which is about average

Antutu video tester on the other hand showed me how well the Zidoo X9 can handle videos in various video formats

Kodi & Video Playback
Kodi came preinstalled and it runs excellent.

To show what i mean i ran some 1080P high bitrate videos along with 4K files and the results were flawless

Frame loss didn't exist and everything played silky smooth

HDMI In Recording
A great feature the Zidoo X9 offers is a privilege to only a few android media players on the market right now is the hdmi recording.

This allows you to connect a device to the HDMI In port ans record what you see on the screen in FullHD resolution.

For example i connected my PS4 and recorded footage from a very popular football game in FullHD

This is very useful for gamers who want to have recordsof their gameplays as well as some people  who like to record liive streams like football games and other sports through XBMC or  Sopcast

Zidoo remote & Gaming
One very pleasant surprise is the incorporation of the Zidoo RC. What this does is that it allows you to control the tv box via your smartphone or tablet. It has different functions such as a standard remote with numbers and navigation keys, a mousre pad or even a game controller. This minimizes the need to buy an extra flymouse

Games run great using a dual shock 4 and the sixaxis app and the controller uses bluetooth which means that you can use it wirelessly 

The Zidoo X9 in my opinion is a step up from other android tv boxes in terms of build quality and features

The price of 104.99$ that is being offered from using the DISCOUNT COUPON CODE: ZDX9LG on the product page is a great bargain and a huge opportunity to own this exceptional device for a relatively small amount of money and trust me it's worth it to the last dime

  • Build Quality featuring an aluminum body
  • Price
  • Features
  • Looks
  • Very strong dual band wifi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • HDMI recording in 1080P
  • 4K & 3D playback
  • USB 3.0
  • Quality Internals
  • Dual external wifi antenna
  • Very user friendly UI
  • None
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