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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review of the Montar 360 Universal GPS mount from Winnergear

Hello everyone,

This review will be a little bit different because i am going to present you with the best Universal GPS car mount on the market right now.

It is the Montar 360 and is manufactured by a company called Winnergear, they also make car chargers and cables for your favourite smartphones.

The build quality is great and it has a shiny black colour while on the part that holds the phone it is red with a stiped surface for better grip and i must say that it does an excellent job holding your phone into place even with offroad driving

On the back we see the Winnergear logo

and on the front we see the holster and the lever that is needed for the suction cup (which has a sticky surface to enhance the suction power) to firmly be adjusted on your windshield

You can even place it on your cockpit using the included base sticker

The holster can be easily adjusted to portrait or landscape or every other angle you prefer thanks to the ball head the Montar 360 has 

Your smartphone will stay in place no matter what and i totally recommend this GPS car mount to everyone

For orders visit the official Montar product page and for more great and useful products visit Winnergear 

Watch the full review 

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