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Monday, April 20, 2015

Review of the Ugoos UT3S, a powerful 4GB RAM Dual Boot Android/Ubuntu Mini PC from Gearbest (DISCOUNT COUPON INSIDE)

Hello guys,

In this article i'm gonna review a vry powerful and stylish Mini PC from Ugoos that gives you the option for dual boot into Android 4.4.2 and Ubuntu Linux 14.10

You can find it on Gearbest at 110$ for the 2GB Ram and 16GB Rom version and at 150$ for the 4GB Ram and 32GB Rom version using the DISCOUNT COUPON CODE: UT3S

The device is very beautiful and it features a unique red 3d pattern on top (you can get it at other colours too)

On the front we see the Ugoos logo along with the ir receiver and a blue operation led which can be programmed for different functions

On the left side we have the external removable wifi antenna, some ventilation holes and the power on/off button

On the right side we have  the A/V output, a reset hole, a MicroSD card slot up to 128GB and 2x USB 2.0 ports

On the back we have an ethernet port, 2 more USB 2.0 ports, the HDMI output, an SPDIF optical audio output and the DC input

And at the bottom we have the rubber pads to prevent the UT3S from sliding and some more ventilation grills

It is worth noting that Ugoos UT3S is the only TV Box so far that features a programmable internal fan, so heat will never be an issuesome other RK3288 devices had

You have the option to choose from 2 launchers, the standard android one and the custom Ugoos TV launcher which is optimised for the included ir remote and features preinstalled customisable folders and a task killer

If we go into the settings, we find that there is an option called "Ugoos settings" from there we can choose to show or hide the CPU and RAM load from the status bar, program the internal fan and power led, set up our install location and easily root our device with a single click.

This is a very useful feature and it can save you from hours of searching

WiFi reception is also excellent

Personally i prefer the standard android one because i can access everything more easily and can also have live wallpapers running in the background

You have your standard apps preinstalled such as file explorer, music, Netflix etc and of course you can install everything you like from the playstore

Ugoos has also included a movie studio for those of you who like to edit videos as well as the RKGameController to use for games and Quickoffice to create and edit documents, excel files and powerpoint presentations

Benchmarks, Performance and Technical Specifications
I ran some benchmarks to show you how powerful the device is

Antutu Benchmarks gave me 38932 points, a very high score for a TV Box

3D Mark gave me 7698 points, again this is a very high score

It is normal to have these kind of scores, given that the device sports the latest Quad Core Rockchip RK3288CPU running at 1.8 Ghz max supported by a Mali-T764 GPU

The RAM is a whooping 4GB and the internal storage is 32GB

Kernel runs at 1080p and OpenGL 3.0 is supported as well

Video Playback and XBMC/KODI
Antutu video tester gave me great results and i also tested some high bitrate video files with the preinstalled version of SPMC

Everything played silky smooth without frame loss

You can play your favourite gameswith a dual shock 2 controller o even a dual shock 3 or 4 using the sixaxis app

Android games run great and you can even play PSP or other platform games using emulators


As we mentioned before the Ugoos UT3S can run Ubuntu too

This means that you can use it as a dedicated desktop pc and do lots of stuff like surf the web, edit documents in Libre Office and install every application you can imagine and would install on your desktop Linux pc

The operation is excellent and you can open many applications and taks at the same time because the 4GB of RAM the Ugoos UT3S have are more than enough to handle very demanding workloads

The only con i can find running Ubuntu on this device is the fact that VPU hardware acceleration is not yet supported for Mali GPUs which means that if you try to watch youtube or web videos you won't get good results

On the other hand you can get good results with the included mplayer for up to 1080p mid bitrate files

The Ugoos UT3S is trullt a gem. It's an exceptional device and the most powerful i' ve tested so far

It's 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage give you the ability to execute the most demanding tasks with ease and the option to dula boot it with Android and Ubuntu Linux allow you to obtain a full desktop pc experience.

You can of course install only Android or only Linux Ubuntu or both

-4 x USB 2.0 Ports
-Removable External WiFi Antenna
-Internal Programmable Fan
-Great Video Playback
-Powerful Specifications
-Great WiFi Reception
-4GB of RAM and 32GB of Internal Storage
-Dual Boot Android and Ubuntu

-Lack of VPU acceleration wen running Ubuntu

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