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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review of the 11200mAh Introcircuit Power Caste Powerbank from Hisgadget

Hi everyone,

In this review i'm gonna present you one more very useful gadget from Hisgadget, it is the 11200mAh Introcircuit Power Castle and let's get to it

It comes in a rather small package indicating the best features of the device which are:

  • Aluminum alloy shell that is subjected to laser carving processing
  • Built in rechargable Li-ion battery with capacity of 11200mAh
  • 2 standard output USB interfaces (1A and 2.1A)
  • Equipped with a LED flashlight

In the box we find:

  • The PowerBank itself
  • The charging cable 
  • A carrying pouch

We also get a Hiscard for the Super User Program and the Amazon Reviewer Program

The device has a great built quality featuring an aluminum alloy shell and on the top we see the introcircuit logo and the digital screen indicating how many battery is left in the powerbank as well as to which port we have our devices connected.

On the front we see 2 USB 2.0 charging outputs as well as the MicroUSB input and the LED flashlight

Port 1 rating is 5V 2.1A and Port 2 is 5V 1A

You can charge all of your favourite gadgets as long as they have a 5V input and here it is in action charging my smarphone along with my tablet

Also if you have a cable like this one you can charge more than 2 devices at once

Personally i find it very useful especially when traveling or when i am somewhere remote and don't have access to power sockets and with the capacity of 11200mAh you can have your devices up and running for several more hours

This gadget is necessary for me since my smartphone and tablet don't have a removable battery and i can't replace it with a bigger one when i need more juice. Also built in batteries is the new trend in phones and this powerbank will be necessary for you too because your future phone is almost certain to have a non removable one

  • Huge capacity of 11200mAh
  • Excellent build quality
  • 2 USB charging outputs (1:5V 2.1A  2:5V 1A)
  • Fast charging
  • LCD info display
  • LED flashlight
  • Very compact
  • Price

  • It only charges 5V input devices

This was my review guys, i hope you liked it and found it useful

 For more info visit the Official Hisgadget Webpage

For orders visit the Amazon product link

You can watch my video review below in both English and Greek languages

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