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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Review of the iClever 6-Port Charger from Hisgadget

Hi guys,

This time i'm gonna review a great and very useful gadget from Hisgadget, it is the iClever 6-port Charger and let's get to it

The packaging is very nice and it indicates that the charger uses the SmartID Technology which means that it identifies the type of battery of the connected device and ensures rapid and optimal charging and with an input voltage of 110-220V AC this unit is also ideal for traveling

It is rated 50W 10A ensuring that you can use all 6 connections simultaneously and it also has a sturdy construction, excellent properties and reliable circuit that guarantee safe and long lifespan

Inside the package we find:
  • a user manual
  • a very cool Hiscard for the Super User Program and the Amazon Reviewer Program
  • the charger itself
  • the cable

The size is 100x69x27 mm and the weight is 180 grams

The charger is black and it has very nice velvet-rubbery feel to it incorporating the iClever logo on the side

On the front we see the 6 USB charging ports indicating the SmartID Technology, an operation led and the rating of each port which is 5V 2.4A

On the other side we have the cable input and on the bottom we find some information regarding the input and output

Input: 100-240V, 50~60 Hz 1200 mA max
Output: USB*6 5V/10A(Max); 2.4A (Max) per port

Here you can see the charger charging 7 devices. It may have 6 ports but if you have a cable like this one, you can charge even more devices and it doesn't even get warm


  • 6 charging ports
  • Very fast charging at 2.4A using SmartID Technology
  • No heat problems
  • Very Compact
  • Excellent build quality and feel
  • Relatively long cable
  • Price


  • It only charges devices supporting 5V

It is overall a great product and very useful to use when travelling replacing all the extra chargers you would have to carry with you

I personally use it on a daily basis to charge my devices and i am very satisfied by it's performance and liability so i definitely recommend it

 For more info visit the Official Hisgadget Webpage

For orders visit the Amazon product link

You can watch my video review below in both English and Greek languages

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