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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gearbest 2nd Anniversary Flash Sale is up and running HURRY UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

Gearbest 2nd Anniversary is up and running so HURRY UP and get your favourite gadgets at extremely low prices while they are still in stock

You can choose from a very wide variety of products which include

Android and Windows TV Boxes and PC peripherals
Electrical Tools
Smartphones, smartwatches and accessories

For this extra special event Gearbest has partnered with two global giants, PayPal and Intel, to offer 5 Delicious Birthday Treats to our awesome customers:

Treat #1: Special GearBest Diet with Top Product Prices Slimmed Down
Treat #2: Buy Powerhouse Tech with Intel Inside + Exclusive discounts!
Treat #3: Awesome Cake Picking Game: Win $400 or Xiaomi Cell Phone.
Treat #4: Get up to an EXTRA 5% OFF with our Special PayPal Discount
Treat #5: Tons of Hot Brand Promos + Cool Category Deals

Gearbest will ensure promo products are in stock and shipped ASAP. Our party kicks off on Mar 21 @ 17:00 (UTC). Join us and find out which killer products have got the lowest prices, and add them to your cart in advance! Gearbest always gives more than you expect!

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