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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review of the iRing from Globiztrade manufactured by Aauxx

Hello guys,

This is ConvicTech and in this review i'm gonna present you a great and very usefull gadget for your smartphones and tablets which comes from a Korean company called Globiztrade

It is the iRing that comes with some accessories too called the iRing Hook and the iRing Dock, and let's get to it

The iRing is a convenient accessory which can be attached or used for your Smartphone or any other device

With the iRing you can have a comfortable grip and reduce the chances of dropping your device and breaking it

It gives you the possibility to tilt your device to a degree which comforts you and can also be used in various ways along with the iRing Hook & iRing Dock

The iRing provides you with a comfortable grip and also prevents your mobile phone from falling and getting damaged

You can hold your phone naturally and easily turn it to any direction you wish without dropping it

Even if your Smartphone screen is bigger than your palm, you are able to touch the top of the screen with your thumb

You can naturally tap the most difficult reaching points with just your thumb

Use an iRing and control your Smartphone

It can be used as a stand and can also be put in various angles; Horizontally and Vertically.

The iRing can hold up to 6~7Kg and can also be re-attached over 100 times without getting damaged.

The patented “Friction Hinge” structure invented by iRing is the First one in the world and keeps its tension without letting itself loose

The iRing is available in 4 Main Colors:
  1. Glacier Silver
  2. Champagne Gold
  3. Graphite Gray
  4. Pearl White

Custom Orders
Everyone from Companies to Agencies, Groups or Individuals can create their own special iRing as they like

It has been loved by many for it's usefulness and it can be used for Company Advertisements, Schools, Meetings and more

And of course as we have reached a Smartphone era, using the iRing as a gift is the best choice

iRing Hook
Using an iRing along with an iRing Hook, is much more convenient

iRing Hook is the original holder and is compatible only with the original iRing
  • After attaching it to your Car’s dashboard, Room mirror, etc. it can be utilized as a navigation(GPS)
  • Challenge yourself with new recipes and follow your favorite cooking shows while cooking on the spot
  • Fresh ideas are created at exceptional places
  • Memo your ideas while listening to Music
  • Enjoy checking your Facebook, Instagram, etc. daily, before going to bed

iRing Dock
Unlike other original Clip-on holders, the iRing Dock is the most simple holder that can be used with an iRing

The iRing Dock is usually used for Car dashboards and due to its stability, it is very comfortable and easy to use

Solid & Convenient Mount
  • Remove the protected film at the back and then stick it on your preferred area
  • Preferred detailed angles can be adjusted using one hand. No other holders needed anymore
iRing can easily be attached to iRing Dock and it is possible for your Smartphone to tilt/shift to all angles. It can be adjusted to your eye-level depending on your status

For more information visit the Official Globiztrade Website

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