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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review of the Aula Gaming Keyboard/Mouse Combo from Gearbest


This time i'm gonna present you a great budget friendly gaming Keyboard/Mouse combo from Gearbest, it only costs 18$ but does it have what it takes to replace your current keyboard and mouse?

Let's find out

In The Box
The keyboard comes in a large package blue black package and inside we find
  • The Keyboard itself
  • The Mouse
  • A Warranty Card
  • An Aula booklet written in Chinese
  • A Button remover
  • 8 Transluscent Buttons

In my case the keyboard came a little bit broken on the top right side but given the way courrier companies treat our packages i'm sure that it happened during it's transit

Now regarding it's appearance, this keyboard looks awesome and it's like it came from an alien movie

It's glossy black with blue illuminated buttons as well as blue leds for Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock. It does have one more LED with the Win indication but i'm not sure what it's for

On the hand rest we see a pattern resembling a beehive and the Aula logo in the middle with blue letters

If we flip it upside down we only see the rubber pads and the height adjusters

Now for the mouse

It is also glossy black on top with matte accent on the sides and it's design is great. It even has a rest for the ring finger which is very convenient and an illuminated Aula logo on the back which changes colours by itself

We have the usual left and right click buttons, a mouse wheel, 2 buttons that can adjust the cursor speed and 2 more buttons on the left side which is great

Build Quality
If i exclude the fact that the keyboard came broken due to mistreatment during transit i can say that the build quality of this keyboard and mouse is great for the price and they feel very sturdy

The only complaint i have is that the rubber pads kept falling off and i had to press them really hard in order for them to stay in place and the height adjusters look and feel somewhat cheap but you will never have a problem

Usability and Gaming
Well this keyboard is advertised as a gaming keyboard and i had to see if that's true so i tested it with a lot of games and i have to say that it's amazing

The buttons feel exactly like they should and a lot better than my Microsoft keyboard, the F buttons come in groups of four which is very convenient especially for MMO RPG games where you have to cast the spells and skills using them and the fact that they are illuminated give you the option to play in a fully dark room without searching for buttons

You can even adjust the LEDS to low, high and strobe but you can't change colours

As for the mouse it's response is excellent and you will trully enjoy it for FPS games like FarCry 4

The cursor speed is adjustable too which is a big plus and the extra buttons give you a great gaming experience

The Aula Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo is a great and budget friendly solution for gamers who can't afford a mechanical keyboard and you can buy it for only 18 dollars

I totally recommend it myself as i switched to this one from my previous Microsoft one

Good build quality
Illuminated buttons
Excellent response
Adjustable cursor speed
Extra mouse buttons
Long Cables

Not so sturdy height adjusters
Rubber pads kept falling off

You can buy it from the Official Gearbest Product Page

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