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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review of the Beelink Mini MX Android TV Box from Gearbest


This time i' m gonna review one of the latest models from Beelink

It is called the Beelink Mini MX and let's get to it

What's in the Box
The device comes in a rather small package and it contains
  • The Beelink Mini MX itself
  • An HDMI Cable
  • The Power Adapter
  • An IR Remote
  • A User's Manual

Looks & Ports
The Mini MX feels great in the hand, it' s matte black on the top and bottom and glossy black on the sides

On the top we see the Mini MX logo with glossy black letters carved onto the devices body

On the front there is a white operation led and the ir receiver

On the right side we have a USB 2.0 port and the MicroSD card slot

On the left side we have nothing

Looking at the back, we find the remaining ports which are, an SPDIF Optical Audio Output, an Ethernet Port, an HDMI Output, a second USB 2.0 Port and the DC Input rated at 5V 2A

And if we flip it upside down, on the bottom we see the device's rating and the reset hole

So to sum it up the available ports are
  • 2 x USB 2.0 Ports
  • 1 x SPDIF Optical Audio Output
  • 1 x HDMI Output
  • 1 x Ethernet Port
  • 1 x MicroSD Card Slot
  • 1 x DC Input rated at 5V 2A

Beelink has installed the standard custom tv launcher on the device which looks great and is consisted of tile like folders, which you can't edit but you can add the apps you like inside each one of them, an app drawer, and a favourite apps taskbar on the bottom

If we go into the settings we can see that the Mini MX is running Android 5.1.1 with a 1080p resolution

HDMI CEC is present as well as HDMI framerate adaptation which is perfect for watching movies with cinematic feel

You can of course install your favourite launcher instead of using the stock one and i prefer Nova Launcher because it's fluid, very smooth and has many settings and options to play with

You can also add widgets, homescreens and use your favourite live wallpaper as a background, something you can't do with the stock launcher

One critical feature the Mini MX has which the MXV+ i reviewed a few days ago didn't, is the ability to have the android taskbar visible on the bottom of the screen and of course to hide it whenever you like. This unlocks the multitasking ability of the Android OS and it's something that in my opinion every Android machine should have

The bottom taskbar also has a power boot button, a screenshot button, volume Up/Down and Back, Home, Multitasking buttons

According to CPU-Z the device's specs are
  • CPU: Quad Core Cortex A53 Amlogic S905 at 2.0 Ghz Max
  • GPU: Mali-450 MP
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • ROM: 16 GB
  • OS: Android 5.1.1
The device also has a temperature sensor which helps you monitor the CPU temps at all time. A feature i haven't seen on previous TV Boxes i' ve reviewed before

In order to show you the device's performance i ran some benchmarks and got these results

Throughout the tests the Mini MX wasn't even warm to the touch which means that the heat dissipation of this device is excellent and you' ll never have a problem with high temperatures

Kodi and Video Playback
Before i ran the usual test videos on Kodi i executed Antutu Video Tester and the results it gave me where very good

Now on to Kodi, it runs very smooth with absolutely no problems and the test videos i tried playbacked excellent

I had to use an external player to playback the H.265 videos though because Kodi couldn't handle them 

WiFi Reception
The WiFi reception of this device even though it has an internal antenna is absolutely excellent.

The router and the Mini MX were at about 12 meters apart and between them there were 2 concrete walls

As you can see the signal strength was great and i never experienced connection issues or slowdowns

Although this device doesn't natively support external USB Gamepads you can download the Moonlight app from the Google Play Store and play your PC games on your TV using for example an XBOX 360 Controller. 

This app streams your PC games using your home's wifi network and due to the fact that the Mini MX has an excellent WiFi reception i personally didn't encounter any disconnections or slowdowns during gaming

I tried several games and they all played great. Of course you have to have a good gaming PC to play these games on ultra settings but you get the idea

I absolutely give a thumbs up and recommend this TV Box to everyone who wants a very descent and budget friendly entertainment system

It has a good performance, small size, great wifi reception and it's price is unbeatable

  • Small Size
  • Great Build Quality
  • Looks
  • Excellent WiFi Reception
  • Good Performance
  • Very Good Video Playback even for H.265 4k Videos
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Excellent Kodi support
  • Frequent Updates
  • SPDIF Optical Audio Output
  • Price

  • Only 2 x USB Ports

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