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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

WhatsApp transforms into Snapchat Stories

WhatsApp, a Facebook subsidiary, is going to update its Status format, cloning the highly  popular Snapchat Stories.

The new feature is going to replace the old-text based status messages.WhatsApp users will be able to
share videos,text or GIFs, posted from an in-app camera and adorned with text, drawings and emoji. They will also be able to reply to their friends updates after the next 24 hours.
WhatsApp stories themselves will be viewed by contacts through the next 24 hours from posting.

WhatsApp's  new feature will be end-to-end encrypted, something that according to company
executives consists of a competitive advantage.

WhatsApp is the 4th Facebook product to clone Snapchat Stories.At first,it was Instagram. Then, Facebook Messenger and Facebook itself followed by testing the feature in a small number of countries.

WhatsApp will, according to its CEO, unveil its new version on February 24th which is its birthday date.
Company executives claim that new WhatsApp version is a gift to users on company's 8th birthday. They also claim that it is a kind of a return to grassroots.

However, it is widely accepted that WhatsApp has been losing the battle against its most important competitor, Snapchat which is highly attractive to younger customers.

Facebook, which spent nearly 19 billion US dollars to buy WhatsApp in 2014, is normally upset.
Its new strategy aims at taking advantage of its dominant position on social media platforms. Facebook  executives hope that Snapchat will no longer be competitive and then as a result will choose another ways to grow.

Marios Anastasiou

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