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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Meitu launches the "smartest" selfie phone

Meitu, a Chinese selfie app and phone company, launched Meitu T8, the first in the brand-new Meitu T series, in Thuesday Feb 21 2017.

The new phone is available only in China and it's price is 3299 RMB(479$).
A special edition,endorsed by celebrity Angelababy costs  3599 RMB(522$).

Meitu T8 features a 21-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 12-megapixel dual pixel front facing camera. According to company executives,
T8 is the first smartphone to bring Dual Pixel PDAF technology to  the front camera which, they claim, offers photo quality and performance similar to DSLR cameras. Front camera also includes OIS(Optical Image System) technonology, noise-reducing ISP and smart fill light.
Meitu T8 is also characterised on 5.2 AMOLED screen,4 GB RAM plus 128 GB ROM memory,
2.3 GHz ten-core MediaTek Helio X MT6797 processor and  3,580mAh Battery.

Although,the Magical AI(Artificial Intelligence) Beautification technology is considered as the most valuable feature of  the new phone. It offers the identification of different faces and skin tones as well as of the gender and age of everyone.

This means that different effects can be applied in a photo so as everyone look at their best.For example, someone can whiten their teeth or smooth their skin.

It has also private albums, backup manager, private apps, a "find my Meitu phone" function and
a smart private home screen cleanup function.

Meitu T8's design is hexagonal with smooth rounded edges and full metallic body . It comes in four colours: Magical Orange, Jazz Gold,Dazzling Blue and Diamond Grey.

Meitu positions its new product as the "world's smartest selfie phone". It is unclear, if T8 will be launched outside China.

Marios Anastasiou

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