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Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to fix Video Lag for the Bluetimes BT919 Android TV Stick

There were some reports of dropped frames during video playback on the Bluetimes BT919 android TV Stick. This video tutorial is a simplified guide to fix this problem and make your video playback with any android video player and XBMC -including 1080p on Gotham 13- super smooth.

All you have to do is download this custom overclocked kernel

And Finless 1.6b ROM

And then follow these steps

Flash custom rom and kernel
  • Download Finless 1.6b from the link above and extract it somewhere
  • Go to folder RKDevelopTool_v1.37 and run as administrator RKAndroidTool.exe
  • Replace the original finless rom kernel.img with the one provided in the above link -the CPU clock is stock but the GPU for graphics and the RAM are overclocked-
  • Hold the Fn button on your android stick while you insert the usb cable to the computer
  • Make sure the tool shows “Found RKAndroid Loader Rock Usb”
  • Click “Erase NAND IDB” button
  • Click “Flash ROM” button

And you are done

Special thanks:

 to the guys at for doing the best they can and for providing us great roms and cool tricks

to zetzzzz from for the original guide and the overclocked kernel

to Finless Bob from for his Finless 1.6b Rom

to mo123 from freaktab for the Rk3xxx firmware tools

and to phjanderson for his rkpatchomatic tool suite --> overclock and vsync fix rk3188 kernel

Watch my video tutorial below

This tutorial was a fulfillment of jose026' s request from

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