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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Official Firmware for Rikomagic RKM MK802-IV TV-Stick (3.24.2014)

This is the latest firmware dated at 24/03/2014 for the Rikomagic RKM MK802-IV (AP6210) android TV Stick, which includes several interesting improvements.

You can download it from HERE or HERE for the model with wifi AP6210 chip serial number from 201307****

List of Changes:  
  • Optimized wifi performance.
  • Fixed some problems restarts TV-Stick.  
  • Optimized wifi function display (Miracast) 
Update instructions:

1) Connect MK802IV to Monitor with HDMI, same Monitor connected to PC (WINDOWS 7 32 BIT) via DVI or other connection
- one USB connected to PC
- other usb port to power adopter (default adopter with 2A)
- Third USB port connected to wired mouse.

2) Start Mk802iV (switch monitor screen to HDMI ) go to settings - USB - connect to pc - wait till green tick appear in check box. No need to do anything else.

3) Switch to PC (without switching off MK802IV)

4) Start Flash program (considering you have installed correct drivers and your PC recognized your Mk802IV)

hit 'switch' button then you should get a green button.

If PC does not recognize your device

1) press and HOLD recover/reset button.

2) Connect MK802IV to PC with USB

3) Connect usb power adapter, after 3-5 seconds,release the button.(its important not to loose hold on rest button) This works on bricked devices too.

PC shall detect your device and will ask to install drivers.

Remember that flashing firmwares on your device is a dangerous process and i am not responsible if you damage or brick your device

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