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Monday, April 28, 2014

Rii Mini i7 a simple and economical flyMouse

A new flymouse from the company Riitek has emerged in the market. This new model is called Rii mini i7 and it  stands out for its simplicity and its low price because it costs only 13 € with shipping included.

The Rii mini i7 Fly can only be used as a flymouse as it lacks keyboard or other extras. It also incorporates various shortcut keys and sliders that help you navigate easier through the menus and settings of your Android device (it is also compatible with Windows and Linux). It comes with a small remote USB 2.4GHz receptor essential for communicating with our Fly mouse device. The Rii mini i7 hasn't got an internal battery, instead it uses 2 AAA batteries for power. It's a simple and basic Fly mouse that can be found from only 13 € shipping included on


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