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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The New Nokia 3310 is now a true story

Finnish company HMD Global Oy,  unveiled the new updated version of Nokia 3310. Of course, everything, as well as Nokia 3310, can't remain unchanged through time. So, the new updated version is quite different than the older one.

At first, "new" Nokia 3310 features a coloured 2.4" screen. .It also features a 2 megapixel camera with LED flash. This camera is, capable of taking only the most basic snaps. Layout is different, too.There is a rectangular D-pad in the middle rather than the up and down keys of  the "old" Nokia 3310. The back cover is the only one to be removable under the  new format. Finally, the "new" Nokia 3310 is smaller and thinner than its "predecessor".

However, there are some similarities too. Battery life is excellent. It's worth noting that battery can last a month  on standby. It can also support a 22-hour talk time. Old texting message  remains, something that makes tech analysts wonder if the new phone can fit in the "touch screen era". Thw new version of "Snake" game is now coloured and it's another feature that resembles the past.

The "New" Nokia 3310 runs on Series 30+ operating system. It provides a 2,5 GB Internet connection but no Wi-Fi. Users will be able to download apps and games. However, they won't be able to download videos or use WhatsApp.

The SIM card can store 16 MB of data. Besides, there is an additional Micro SD card slot with up to 32 GB memory. There is also a headphone jack which gives users the opportunity to listen to music or FM radio.

"New" Nokia 3310 costs 51,75$. It comes in four colours:Warm Red, Yellow, Dark Blue and Grey.

Marios Anastasiou

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