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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baidu presents their Amlogic S802D TV Box

The Chinese giant Baidu, which has a famous search portal and a subsidiary of Online TV among other businesses presents their Amlogic S802D TV Box. Baidu already has a TV-Stick powered by the Dual Core Amlogic MX and now they presented its substitute, a flat-Box which incorporates one of the new Amlogic SOCS, specifically it uses the S802D which has certified support for Dolby 5.1 Audio.

This third generation Baidu TV Box has a minimalist design and integrates the new Amlogic S802D  that has support for Dolby 5.1 audio with 2GB of RAM, 8GB storage memory, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wifi 5G. In terms of connectivity, there are no complete specifications, the only known info is the inclusion of a Red RJ45 10/100 connector, an HDMI output and i assume a pair of USB connectors too.

As always, in terms of the operating system, we have an android 4.4 version, heavily customized and Baidu oriented, which includes services and naturally streaming games, a growing sector in China. It seems that this new TV Box will also have its own gamepad with access to an exclusive playground.

This new Box emerged from Baidu seems to be exclusive only to the Chinese market since May for a price to be around 47€ with a subject to change. Amlogic is making a powerfull entrance in the market with their new S802 SOCS


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