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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review of the Quad Core Mele A1000G Android TV Box

Mele is one of the best Chinese android Mini PC manufacturers. They make high quality products and have very good customer service.

The Quad Core Mele A1000G is one of these devices. The build quality is very good and the TV Box feels solid and sturdy. It is made from aluminium and plastic and the ventilation is more than enough to keep it from getting hot. At least, the one i have is running non stop and never gets hot.

There were reports that this TV Box had temperature issues and was crashing a lot, but this is not the case. I believe that the latest firmware v3.1.3  from Mele corrected these flaws and now the device runs cool and never crashes.

Moving on to the side of the device we can see one of the 3 USB 2.0 ports, the regular size SD Card slot and the On/Off button

On the back we see the remaining available ports which are 2 more USB 2.0 ports, an spdif optical audio output, an ethernet port, a DC input, an hdmi port, a microusb and a 3.5 mm audio jack

and on the top we can find the SATA port where you can connect your SATA I or SATA II HDD

With the Mele A1000G you also get a very good looking, basic and functional IR remote

It has all the basic functions you' ll need such as home button, menu, back, settings, volume +-, app drawer button, stop, play pause,rewind, forward, navigation arrows etc. It even has a mouse button. By pressing this button a mouse curson appears on the screen and you can move it with the navigational arrows and select things with the ok button

When you first turn your A1000G on you' ll be presented with a metro style launcher which looks clean and colourful

In the settings we can see 4 tabs

The first tab is Network. Here you can view your wifi networks and connect to one of them or change the connection to ethernet

Next tab is the Display where you can choose your display mode and adjust your screen

The third tab is the sound tab where you can choose your audio output and adjust the volume

Last tab is the others tab. Here you can view your FW version, MAC address and available memory

If we go to the advanced tab we will see that the Box is running android 4.2.2

I checked the device with root checker and it was pre-rooted

Performance wise, the TV Box feels snappy and fast. It feels even faster than my other TV Box with the Rockchip RK3188 running at 1.4 Ghz.

I ran antutu benchmark and the results i got are somewhat low, but don't be foofled by the benchmarks, as i already mentioned this box is very very fast and a solid performer

Looking at some of the specs we have:
  • CPU: Quad Core Allwinner A31
  • GPU: Octa Core PowerVR SGX544
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • WIFI 802.11 B/G/N
Wifi performed very good in our review thanks to the external wifi antenna even though between the box and my router are 3 concrete walls

Video playback is very good too and the A1000G played everything with ease, except for the 4k sample i had, but i believe it's a softwre issue that will be fixed in the future because Allwinner A31 is more than capable to play 4k movies.

The XBMC version preinstalled handled some very demanding 720p and 1080p files absolutely perfect and this box is the only one so far that played these exact videos with no lag at all (you' ll see in the video review below). With rk3188 these files lagged a lot.

Overall the device has a very good build quality, it is very powerfull and video playback on android players and xbmc is excellent. The SATA port gives a very serious advantage over the competition and the wifi reception is flawless. The issues reported before are all ironed out with the last firmware update and i definitely recommend it to everyone who wants a great media player with android capabilities.

If you want to order it visit the official Mele store on Aliexpress

Special thanks to Isaac from Mele

You can watch my video review below

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