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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to manually update your Mele A1000G android TV Box

This is a guide on how to manually update your Mele A1000G Quad Core TV Box withe latest OFFICIAL Update

For Allwinner A31 models there is a new tool called PhoenixCard that replaces the old LiveSuit used for  the previous A10 platform.

There is no need to root your device as it comes prerooted

1. Update method by SD Card (RECOMMENDED)
2. Update method by USB Stick

1. Update method by SD Card (RECOMMENDED)

Download the program to test your SD Card from HERE
If you want to backup your applications download TitaniumBackup

The update process is as follows:

1. Download PhoenixCard tool HERE and unzip to a folder.

2. Execute "PhoenixCard.exe"

3. DISCONNECT any USB or SD Card connected to the PC. Introduce an SD Card into your PC (all contents will be deleted).

4. Then hit the "diskcheck" button and select the drive where the SD Card is

5. Then hit the "Img file" button and look for the file previously downloaded from HERE.


6. In the "Write mode" box activate the field "Product" box
7. Press the "Burn" button and begin the writing process. It will show a pisture like this:

In the end we have to get the word MAGIC COMPLETE and check all OK.
8. Once we have prepared the SD Card turn off the device.

9. We introduce the SD Card in the A1000G turned off.

10. With a clip press the reset button located on the bottom of the device

11. Hold down the On/Off button until the front led flashes, then release the button.

12. The update process will take a long time, be patience. The LED will turn off.

13 -. When finished extract the SD card and turn on the device. The process will be over.

I suggest after the first reboot with the new ROM go to Settings> Security and do a factory reset. Also i suggest to delete the contents of the SD Card.

The partition of the SD Card will remain as is

The SD card will be normal but will have a 442MB hidden partition
We can use Minitool partition wizard to see it.

2. Update via USB

1. Unzip the file
2. Copy the file file "" to the root of a USB Stick
3. Insert the USB Stick in the A1000G.  
4. Go to "System Update" application and click on "Local update" to apply the update.

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